Desert Rivers Recognized Bird Habitat Program

Fairy Duster attracts hummingbirds

If you have a backyard, park, schoolyard, or business landscape that is planted with native and low-water use plants, you are providing a good habitat to attract birds.

Desert Rivers Audubon wants to recognize you for your efforts.  Maybe it should be lack of efforts, since we recommend that you don’t overly trim or prune your desert plants. Since grass lawns are not recommended, you also don’t have to mow.  We want you to spend more time enjoying the wildlife in your habitat, instead of tending it.

Birds look in your habitat for shelter, food and water.   Native plants such as Chuparosa and Fairy Dusters not only attract hummingbirds and butterflies, but grow into lush shrubs and bloom year-round.  Palo Verde trees produce those colorful yellow blooms in the spring, stay green year-round, and provide shade in summer.  A small gray yellow-headed bird called a Verdin loves to nest and hang out in Palo Verdes.  Woodpeckers and Peach-faced Lovebirds live in holes in the saguaro cactus.   It doesn’t hurt our special native cactus and provides an insulated abode for these colorful and interesting birds.  It produces sweet blooms that attract Hummingbirds and insects that are yummy snack for most birds.  Not only do these plants attract birds, they use less water.  This means more water is available for our native riparian areas.

To be recognized for your habitat, visit our website. For a donation of $25 or more, you will receive an attractive 8×12 metal sign and proudly display in your habitat. 

With a recognized habitat that attracts birds at your park, school or business, contact our Education Director about doing a lunchtime program for you.  We can bring loaner binoculars and educate your employees, customers, or students about the birds in your habitat.